Programs for Drug Addicts in Odessa

A look at programs for drug addicts in Odessa

Addiction does not discriminate. It does not care who you are — it can take hold of anyone. Addictive substances feel good due to their stimulation of the pleasure center of the brain; dopamine and GABA for example. People also may have a genetic predisposition to addiction. In this case, you begin to want to chase after them and seek only what gave you that feel good feeling. Addiction ruins the lives of the people addicted and everyone around them. Luckily, since addiction is a disease that is treatable, there are programs for drug addicts all over the world.

About Odessa and Addiction

Odessa was founded in the year 1881 as a cattle shipping point and a water stop. It is located within the Permian Basin in Texas. Many people are attracted to its good-natured citizens and sense of togetherness. Odessa offers drug rehabilitation programs for drug addicts and for anyone- not just in Odessa. So, when in need, Odessa recovery programs for drug addiction are here to help you recover.

Benjamin Rush, one of America's founding fathers, was of the first to be of the belief that alcoholism was not due to moral failing or willpower, or status, rather, it was the alcohol itself. Rush was of the first to deem addiction a disease. In 1864, the New York State Inebriate Asylum was the first of its kind; a hospital solely dedicated to treating the needs of addicts and helping them to recover from the disease of addiction. After that, meetings began and people began to seek treatment for a disease that at one time was only looked at as being morally obtuse.

However, post prohibition, (and the 21st Amendment), Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith founded AA- Alcoholics Anonymous. Thus the "big book", the book of AA and the twelve steps were brought about. Today, countless drug rehabilitation programs exist. Now anyone can feel free and safe enough to seek help for the disease of addiction in programs for drug addicts.

About Drug Rehabilitation Programs and Odessa recovery programs for drug addiction

Treatment for drug abuse and alcoholism are intended to assist individuals who have an addiction, to cease compulsive type drug seeking behaviors and abuse. In countless settings, treatment can occur. Treatment can take many forms, and for different time lengths. Because addiction, typically, is a chronic disorder or disease that has relapse as an outcome of a short term, one time treatment program. Not completing treatment fully and properly will more often than not lead to relapse. Treatment is meant to be very long term, involving multiple steps, and regular monitoring.

When an individual is addicted to a substance and decides to seek treatment, that is when treatment can begin. Well, there are interventions that prove to be quite successful in getting an addict to succumb to treatment for their addiction. The type of treatment a person enrolls in, (is chosen by a professional after an intensive intake) depends on many factors. Factors include:

  • How long a person was using for- when did they pick up for the first time?
  • How much were they using of the substance?
  • How often were they using the substance?
  • What is the substance?
  • Do they have any underlying mental illnesses?
  • Do they have other individual needs?

Typically, if a person was using often and in high quantities, they will need a medically supervised detox to rid their body of all toxins (drugs, alcohol, etc.). If done alone, this can be a VERY dangerous process. Withdrawing from a substance that your body has gotten used to and dependent on, can throw it into a crazed spiral and not only will a person experience extreme symptoms, but they can die. Being monitored and given medication to ease the process makes it safe and much easier on the person detoxing.

Next, the person will enter the treatment portion where they will live among other addicts in a monitored facility. They will have a schedule and learn to live normally again. Addicts strive in this atmosphere away from the old people, places, and things they were around while in the grips of addiction. Therapy sessions- both group and individual- will be a large part of treatment. Meetings and learning tools to use once in the real world to combat triggers and cravings.

Addicts will be given a very helpful aftercare plan they can follow for a successful recovery. Odessa recovery programs for drug addiction, has everything an addict seeking recovery would need. Don't wait. Today is your day.



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